Barramundi Fillets

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Also called Asian Sea Bass, the Barramundi is very popular in Thai cuisine.  It has a gentle mild flavor that makes it appealing to all the seafood lovers in the world.
The flesh is pearly pink in color and it is pleasant to cook as it does not give off a strong odor. Barramundi has a wealth of nutrients, minerals and omega 3's, is low in fat and high in protein making it very valuable for human health.
  • Skin on
  • Each fillet is approx. 9 oz

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Robert James Vandevoort
The Barramundi was Excellent

We have been so impressed with the fish offering from New York Steak & Seafood. When you live in the White Mountains of Arizona, the small neighboring town of Show Low, would never have the quality or variety that we buy from New York Steak & Seafood.

Last night we had the Barramundi filets. Out of this world great! I used to enjoy Barramundi when I would travel to Australia on business. I have never seen Barramundi in a grocery store or restaurant here in the United States! I prefer sauteing the fish over baking or the grill.

Christian Barrows

The Barramundi tastes super fresh and delicious. It's actually the freshest tasting fillets, better than we buy at the local supermarket by far. One of our favorite fishes.

Anne Laszlo
Barramundi: A wonderful gourmet surprise

I grew up in the landlocked state of Vermont and with that background I approached any "new" fish (beyond the trio of flounder, haddock and scallops) with suspicion. The pandemic lock -down changed everything: time to order out to have supplies delivered. It was also time to try something new. What? Barramundi? Why not?! NYSteak&Seafood has excellent fish products so I took a chance. When the fillets arrived I dusted each side with panko breadcrumbs. put the skillet on high with a dash of canola oil and plopped the fillets in the heated pan to cook about 3-4 minutes on each side. A light squeeze of lemon was all I added. First bite: delicious: flaky, light, every bit as tasty as filet of sole. Now it will be a regular for lunch and dinner as well as the breakfast table!