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Dungeness Crab Clusters

Dungeness Crab Clusters

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Get the full flavor of the ocean with our Alaskan Dungeness Crab Clusters. Straight from the North Pacific, these clusters come from one of the sweetest, most sought after and flavorful crabs in the sea. Perfect for any seafood lover's palette, every bite is packed with freshness and deliciousness you can't find anywhere else!  

The fishing industry in Alaska is special: it's strictly small-scale, based on boats crewed by only 4 people or less. Less than 200 boats venture out each year, searching for Alaska's best crab clusters. Unlike mass-produced imitators, our masterful fishermen carefully hand-select these rich morsels from the depths of the sea. Enjoy the flavor that only comes from experienced crab fishers delivering the freshest catch.

Not to mention they are completely guilt free; loaded with Vitamin B-12, high quality protein, and OMEGA-3's!

8-10oz Clusters
May not be fully intact upon delivery*

You will receive 6 crab clusters per each 4 pound order.  We may include some loose pieces over and above the 4 pound order.  Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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L. Rogers
Delightful Dungeness

The Dungeness crab clusters we received were beautiful, sweet, easy to crack, and perfect to eat! So delicious!

Julie Hogan
Absolutely Delicious!

They were awesome,I could have eaten all of them at once because they to me are between snow crab and king crab so sweet steamed or cold which is how my kitty prefers them. Oh yes I have no choice but to share!You have to try Dungeness Crab and you won't be sorry.

Tails where fine, veal was terrible i

Never have eaten veal that was tough, 👎