Snow Crab Legs

Snow Crab Legs

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Snow crabs are found in the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Canadian snow crab clusters are known for their sweet flavor and delicate meat. 

  • Ours are some of the largest available, approx. 8-10 oz per cluster !
  • Compare sizes and you will see we have the best price and quality  online for these extra large clusters!

Our Canadian snow crab clusters are special in how incredibly versatile they are. Fully cooked, they are so easy to prepare. Each package of snow crab legs includes a generous portion of attached body meat, so you can easily satisfy even the heartiest appetites. Each cluster contains 5 legs, a body, and a claw.

Canadian snow crab has a Best Choice ranking for sustainability. This tasty crustacean is packed with minerals and essential vitamins.

- Fully Cooked, just steam or bake 5 minutes until hot or serve cold
- Wild Caught
- Product of Canada
* All weights may vary by up to .25 lbs.

Customer Reviews

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Steven A Brady
Snow crab legs review

The delivery was delayed slightly so package came after our planned dinner. Stuff happens! The packaging, dry ice and quality of the product more than made up for the delay. The texture of the legs, color and flavor were superb! We will be re-ordering from New York Steak & Seafood Company again, for sure!

Holly Ballance
So much better than turkey...

Turkey was not a popular option for only two people this Thanksgiving, so I decided to get my favorites instead- snow crab legs! Perfect packaging kept the crab legs frozen until Thanksgiving. All I had to do was steam them and melt some butter. Paired with a fresh herb salad, dinner was perfect. Very flavorful and meaty crab legs. I think a new tradition is in the making!

Brenda Brooks
Snow crab legs

Simply delicious....Delivered frozen....I prepared by steaming in microwave about 6-7 mins.Tasted so fresh,added a little bay seasoning and the rest is history. Thoroughly enjoyed.Received 4 clusters,wished it could have been 8.Somewhat "pricey" for the size portions but I enjoyed completely.

Stephen Edmonds
Sweet meat!

These crab legs were some of the sweetest that I've ever tasted. Large! Not a exaggeration

snow crab legs

Excellent flavor and bright fresh color