Buffalo Burgers

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If you've never had Buffalo before, you are missing out!

The NY Steak & Seafood Co. introduces a healthy alternative to the classic beef burger. These premium, lean and tasty buffalo burgers have 1/3 the fat & double the protein of a regular burger while also having a little sweeter taste with a more tender feel. 

In 1997, the American Heart Association recommended Buffalo Burgers as more heart-healthy than chicken and beef!

Grill Preparation

  • Preheat grill to medium to high heat
  • Season the patty with salt and pepper to your liking
  • Cook burger on one side for 4 minutes
  • Flip burger and cook other side for 4-6 minutes(depending on your desired "doneness")
  • The center should read 160 Degrees F
  • Spread mayonnaise or butter on bun and toast bun on grill
  • Enjoy your deliciously prepared Buffalo Burger!

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