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Mussels-on the Half Shell

Mussels-on the Half Shell

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Imported from New Zealand, this perfect appetizer yields 15-20 Mussels per lb. Serve them with your favorite sauce or pasta. Just heat and serve for the perfect meal!

Yields about 20 jumbo mussels per pound.  So easy to cook, just grill, bake, or steam for 5 minutes.


Customer Reviews

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patricia celebre

Delicious ordering again.

Patricia Kelly

They are the most delicious, tenderest mussels ever

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Robert James Vandevoort
Fantastic New Zealand Mussels in the Half Shell

Our most recent order from New York Steak and Seafood company included four pounds of New Zealand mussels on the half shell. The directions that came with the product recommended thawing the mussels prior to cooking. It was a great dinner, and quickly to prepare. I chose Japanese Shishito Peppers to accompany the mussels. Both items would be steamed. The Shishito Peppers went into the steamer first for two minutes. The mussels were then added for five more minutes.

I used chopped red cabbage as the base, and then arranged the 12 mussels and the Shishito peppers on top. Thinly sliced radishes were added for color & taste. I made a very light Kung Pao sauce & lightly added to the mussels. Simply wonderful!

I love your mussels on the half shell. [no cleaning]

this is my second time ordering your mussels,my problem how do I cook them,some of mine sometimes comes out very chewy.what am I doing wrong? I will be ordering them again-please send how to prepare them. thank you

Mattie Brown

These were some of the largest and tastiest mussels I have ever eaten.