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Sashimi Grade Seared Salmon Slices

Sashimi Grade Seared Salmon Slices

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If you like our number one selling Norwegian Salmon Fillets you will love this sashimi grade, center cut Atlantic Salmon. Perfect for sushi, with salads or as a salmon avocado toast.  It melts in your mouth!

- Rubbed with pepper and garlic, then seared
- Sashimi grade, ready to eat
- Individually vacuum packed, 6 slices per 3oz package

Customer Reviews

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Professor Sam
The Best

So flavorful and delicious. Light and so tasty.
Seared edges are perfect and sashimi melts in your mouth. One of the best products.

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Robert James Vandevoort
Another Sashimi Home-Run from the New York Steak and Seafood Company

While we look forward to the arrival of all our orders from the New York Steak & Seafood Company, the order that arrived yesterday was especially exciting. That is because it contained a new product offering. In addition to the Saku Ahi Tuna Blocks which is a wonderful sashimi grade fish, they now offer Sashimi Grade Seared Salmon Slices. Each order contains six 3-oz fillets. The fillets are lightly seared and sliced evenly into six or seven pieces.

We took one 3-oz package and placed four slices on top of toasted sourdough bread with sliced avocado. Incredibly good. Then we placed the three remaining slices on top of a bowl of Bibigo Cooked Sticky White Rice and dressed it with Kikkoman soy sauce. Since the rice was microwaved for 90 seconds, it quickly warmed up the salmon slices. Again, incredibly good and the warm salmon simply melted in your mouth. We hope that New York Steak & Seafood will continue to offer new sashimi grade fish. When you live in a small town in the White Mountains of Arizona, having the product offering of this company allows one to have quality products that are not available locally!